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ProsDigital was established in the spring of 2003 with a mission to deliver best in class senior proofing sales methodology. Variable data printing was still young. Variable /images printing pushed rip technology to the limit.  Software technology was not available to do what we needed so we developed it our selves.  “Showcase Proofs” were born, printed on high end digital presses with top quality /images reproduction that set the standard! Proof Positive Software automates /images and data matching within the studio and pushes optimized data to the printing press. Today our IRM program Internet Relationship Marketing combines best in class print, personalized web site and email marketing techniques to achieve higher particpation rates and better incremental sales by increasing sales averages.

Our Mission statement says a lot about the partnership we develop with each and every one of our customers:
We believe that professionally captured digital /imagess are undervalued and that we can change the perception of your audience by utilizing savvy modern marketing techniques to bring your value into play.  We have a passion for professional imaging. We are on the leading edge of photo merchandising research on a worldwide basis.

ProsDigital recognizes that each photography business is unique. In order to address each company’s diverse needs, we have developed a fully integrated marketing solution that can be specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Other internet photo selling sites force you to conform to thier catalog sites. Often these sites become overwhelming to the user because they have too many choices.  We remain focused on your customers relationship with thier children and your business, delivering timely messaging and compelling reasons to purchase your products and services. We start your online relationship early and focus on getting the parents involved in the process. We build on how your business provides a valuable community service. As a result, we are solidly positioned to meet all your needs, both present and future.
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5 Key Advantages of ProsDigital

Ability to completely model your current sales methods.

Enhanced CRM customer relationship management.

Complete tracking and reporting capabilities.

Proactive and reactive campaign adjustments.

Ability to use all available channels to reach your audience.
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To help our customers improve participation rates and sales averages by implementing our Internet Relationship Marketing program.